Dr. Trimbak Dapkekar


About Us

"A Hospital is not a place where money and profit are important. Every single life saved or a patient cured would give me more satisfaction than more financial gain"

Going forward we shall endeavour to become a key center for clinical and research field in Nanded region.

The greatest Wealth is Health - not merely the absence of disease but a state of complete physicalm Mental, Emotional and social Harmony.

Our aim is clear to build not just hospital, an institution that offres comprehensive health-care services under one roof creating a platform for transparent patient care where every life, indeed matters.

I am proud to be part of a telented team that has worked with dedication and zeal in making this project reality. The birth of the institution has been driven by gaps in the health care system, not narrow commercial consideration. We have been able to achieve a convergence of Global best preactices in health, adapted to Indian nees. Talent, Technology, Infrastructure and total commitment have been and will continue to be the drivers of this project. This super Speciality institute lays the special focus an excellent brain and nervous system, cardiac science, disease of bone and joint with trauma system, care, critical care management Nephrology and Urology, Laproscopic Surgery with rehabilition and physiotheraphy.

I sincerely believe the Global super Speciality Hospital & research institute is the new begining: it will transform our existing perceptions of health care and make a tremendous - and lasting - impact on how we make medical choice in Nanded.

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